About Our Company

We are a supplier of seeds, The most famous and respected seed banks in the world.

But not only … Our mission is to help you find the highest quality seeds with the highest level of genetics.
We have a trick ...

After several years of cooperation with both our customers and suppliers .. We have all drawn conclusions .. The secret is the freshness of the seeds .. Or to put it simply .. Delivering the seeds as soon as possible from the producer to a satisfied Grower To You .. It turned out that the biggest problem is the seeds which are held improperly .. They lose their energy and in extreme cases do not sprout ..

Therefore, our priority is to deliver the highest quality seeds to you as soon as possible. We can guarantee it because we bypassed the product storage process.

Yes Exactly .. Every product you order is immediately packed and shipped Directly from the manufacturer to you. This is the guarantee of freshness. And we are sure that it will result in great crops of your plants ..

We are always willing to help with any problem related to the selection of seeds. If you have any problem, don’t be shy to write … We will definitely come up with something so that you can enter the world of home gardening …

Meet Our Customer Service Team

On Working Days From 10am To 7pm

Team Members

Joanna Gajzler
Business Manager

Joanna is a logistics specialist. If you have questions about orders and delivery. She is always available to help …

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Phone: (+353) 85 100 9509

Radoslaw Gajzler
Quality Manager

Radosław is a specialist in the selection of seed characteristics and genetics. It is always available to help …

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Phone: (+353) 83 301 1014