Brothers Grimm Seeds

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Brothers Grimm Seeds

Brothers Grimm takes pride in breeding cannabis seeds that never produce hermaphrodites.

When we release feminized cannabis seeds, we have done enough work to ensure they are all female with zero hermaphrodites. Brothers Grimm founder and breeder, MrSoul, is a respected and frequent speaker at major cannabis events, and his “Feminized Seeds” seminar series is hugely popular.

The dedication Brothers Grimm brings to breeding cannabis seeds was rewarded with a spot in the High Times Top Ten for our Rosetta Stone XX cannabis strain. Danny Danko said, “MrSoul retained the beloved spicy sandalwood aroma and musky flavor of the Jack [Herer] but added resin production, stability, and yield while reducing flowering time. Unlike some poorly produced feminized seeds, these beans pop 100 percent female and grow into heavy plants that need extra support or trellising.”

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