Cannabis Plants 101: A Quick Guide to Trichomes

Cannabis Plants 101: A Quick Guide to Trichomes If you have an interest in plants, you will probably have heard oftrichomes. Those who buy cannabis buds regularly or grow their ownrealize that these are very important parts of the plant. Take acloser look at any flowering plant and you’ll see thousands of tinycrystalized dots covering […]

The Life cycle of Cannabis: From seed to harvest.

    Cannabis passes through a series of stages in its life. The most important of these are the germination, seedling, growth and flowering stages. Each stage brings its own challenges. Novice growers need to be aware of these, to be sure of giving their plants the attention and care that they deserve. Plants are […]

Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Cannabis Leaves

The leaves are the most recognisable and well-known part of the cannabis plant. Despite the great degree of variation found naturally in local populations of cannabis, the leaves do not alter greatly in appearance between varieties. Here is the story behind the leaves of three main strains, how to identify them and some ideas on […]

The Funniest Named Cannabis Strains

The Funniest Named Cannabis Strains You might find a plethora of guides online telling you which cannabis strains to have recreationally or medicinally. Some are just great for sparking a creative high, some are ideal for having fun in a crowd with fits of giggles and laughter, while others work wonders to cure anxiety or sleeping disorders.   […]

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