The Origins of Northern lights Cannabis strain.

THE ORIGINS OF NORTHERN LIGHTS CANNABIS STRAIN Known for its unrivalled high and unique flavour, Northern Lights gained popularity when introduced to Europe from its home in North West America. There has been no plant (perhaps other than the G-13 strain) to receive such widespread critical acclaim. Seedsman looks back at the origins of the […]

THE Origins of White Widow Cannabis strain

THE ORIGINS OF THE WHITE WIDOW CANNABIS STRAIN Probably, the most well known cannabis strain in the world today, White Widow has gained global popularity thanks to countless awards since its release in 1994. Regularly used to make new hybrids, White Widow is extremely potent and is available at almost every seedbank in the world. […]

History of Blueberry Cannabis strain.

BLUEBERRY CANNABIS STRAIN: A HISTORY Seedsbank looks into the history of one of the most beloved cannabis strains in the world today, the Blueberry. When DJ Short began experimenting with landrace sativas from the most exotic corners of the globe, little did he know that he would create a ground-breaking strain that would stand the […]

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