What are Some Pure Sativa Strains of Marijuana?

Canadian smokers and cultivators alike seem to love the sativa variety for a number of reasons. For one, growers can enjoy massive harvests since sativas for the most part have much bigger yields compared to indicas.  

Cannabis connoisseurs everywhere really love their sativas because of the spicy and earthy aroma that accompanies them – providing for an immensely satisfying and pleasant experience. 


Another well-known reason so as to why so many people love having sativas is the effect they have, which can be best described as uplifting and energetic, and that too without the dreaded coach-lock syndrome that typically follows with indicas.  

As one might imagine, this makes sativa strains the go-to strain to have during the day. Perhaps one of the best parts about smoking sativas is that they can energise you in a creative way, sparking your imagination and helping you stay more active throughout the day.  

In honour of the purest sativa stains, we’ve put together a list to guide you on picking some of the best ones that currently exist. Read that again: purest possible sativa and not sativa-dominant. 

The Purest Sativa Strains Today 

Chocolate Haze  

Boasting a 95% sativa / 5% indica ratio, chocolate haze combines some of the best qualities of sativa cannabis into one amazing stain. It has almost everything you might expect from a best-in-class sativa strain – from the short flowering time and huge yields to an extremely potent high and killer flavour.  

If you’re a cannabis growing novice, you’re going to love the fact that chocolate haze is not only very easy to grow, but you can start to see the impressive results right off the bat due to their growing vigour and sheer potential. As for the taste, it offers a refreshingly fruity tinge with lovely chocolate undertones – a highly sought after taste that actually dates back to the 1980s.  

As is the case with all quality sativas, CH will provide a very potent head high but one that is also clear and focused yet psychedelic, relaxing and euphoric at the same time. The best part is, this powerful sativa strain is also very popular among medical cannabis users because it helps relieve depression, stress, and anxiety as well as relief from migraines, arthritis and general pain and inflammation.  

Staying true to its sativa roots, CH has the ability to grow into a humongous cannabis plant, which means you will need to give it a lot of attention while growing indoors. The strain’s flowering period is between 8 and 10 weeks, which is surprisingly quick for a sativa. Under the hand of an experienced grower, yields can be expected somewhere between 400 and 600 g/m2.  

Even if you’re a novice grower, Chocolate Haze’s sativa traits combined with its high resilience make it extremely easy to manage. It can easily thrive in soil and hydro based setups – however, for her growth potential to be fully realised, she requires plenty of room as she has a habit of dominating space easily around her.  


Chocolope is one of the best-selling sativa strains today. But this should not come as a surprise because its qualities are nothing short of exceptional. This pure sativa is very easy to grow; in fact, so easy that even lesser experienced growers can reap amazing results after only some basic care. 

The strain not only provides massive buds that guarantee huge harvests after the 8-9 week flowering time, but also grows very tall. However, you can also keep it under control with some simple training or topping.  

The strain was originally created through a mix of Cannalope Haze and OG Chocolate Thai, but the growers were able to retain all those fantastic Chocolate Thai qualities – such as the superb chocolate flavour that has made her a favourite among smokers.  

Chocolope has won many cannabis awards and actually has 100% flawless record in all the competitions that have been entered so far – thanks to her brilliant sativa qualities. Despite the flowering period of just 8 to 9 weeks, it’s important to remember that she should not be rushed because cannabis plants in general require adequate time to develop their respective terpene and cannabinoid profile – the all-important chemical compounds that please the senses. 

Once Chocolope is harvested, you can expect about 600g/m2 of buds to occupy the curing space. But if you grow her outdoors, you can expect even higher yields, so don’t be afraid to make more space if you can. You might want to employ topping techniques to make the strain bushier because it has a habit of growing really tall. 

Since we’re talking about space, it’s only fair to mention that the high provided by a Chocolope will literally take you on that trip through time and space. Throughout your trip, you will feel like you’re absorbing infinite wisdom from the universe around you, and you only have the ultrahigh THC levels to thank for that. 

Cannalope Haze 

We believe Cannalope Haze is a very formidable strain due to her outstanding yields, short flowering time and complex but superb aroma. Novice growers everywhere love the fact that she is so easy to grow. 

Cannalope Haze has the ability to grow with enormous vigour, making her an ideal plant for a variety of toppings and pruning techniques, which she can actually tolerate quite well. Growers can grow the strain to its absolute full potential, and under the right conditions yields can be enormous.  

Given its extremely resinous buds, Cannalope Haze is considered a fantastic cannabis plant for hashish extraction. The strain offers a very fruity, pleasant and mildly citrusy aroma with floral hints, making it a smoker’s delight. The high is best described as energising and stimulates both the mind and body. 

This impeccably psychedelic strain is 95% sativa and a mix between Mexican and Haze. Perhaps the most extraordinary characteristic of the strain is in its growth. It can finish flowering in 8 weeks and has the ability to produce as much as 600g/m2, and that too indoors! For the record, it is quite rare for a sativa strain to finish flowering in such a short span of time. The only way we can describe the yields is “immense”.  

The impressively high THC levels make you feel like you are floating around on a magic carpet – the euphoric feelings are quite evident, although we would recommend against consuming too much in the evening hours, unless you don’t mind staying up half the night and contemplating how things work in the universe. 

The taste and aroma are an absolute delight and remind you of sweet melons. If you’re a sativa lover who has limited space, you’re going to absolutely love growing Cannalope Haze. But naturally the strain thrives just as well outdoors as long as you harvest it by October. 


This pure 100% sativa hailing from South America is legendary to say the least. It was the original grower’s goal to introduce this amazing strain to Europe and they were able to accomplish this by collaborating with an Argentinian master grower. 

Cultivators all over the world appreciate the fact that Desfrán grows fairly easily in a variety of environments including hydro and soil based, where nutritional demand is relatively lower. The strain offers a massive stretch during flowering as well as an immense vigour that’s hard to forget. She can grow very tall, but if you grow her ScrOG style, then she can reach her full potential and provide maximum yields.  

For a sativa, Desfrán can grow tightly packed buds that offer a fruity aroma, reminiscent of green apples with perhaps a few hints of melon and grape. If you harvested early, it can provide a very strong psychedelic and cerebral high. But if you give the harvest a little more time, then the buds are even sweeter and more potent. 

With a total of 9 awards, 6 of which have been 1st prizes, this pure sativa has been derived from very special landraces, all hybridised and stabilised with nothing but pure passion. The highs are unbelievable – there’s absolutely no words to describe it. The yields are superb and the growth is impeccable. All the praise in the world would still not do justice to how amazing this strain is. 

There’s an abundance of shiny crystals all covered with eye-pleasing light tones of green and as you might imagine, the THC levels are quite high. The flowering stage typically lasts between 9 and 10 weeks. If you harvest the nugs earlier, you can definitely expect a more energetic and uplifting high. But if you are after a more chilled out vibe, then it’s best to give the buds a little extra time so that they can fully ripen. Before you sow, plan out your entire growth properly so that you have complete control over the strain’s heights. 

In Closing 

It should be noted that there are hardly any strains that exist as legitimate 100% pure with perhaps Desfrán being an exception – the others we’ve listed are 95% sativa – which is just as good as a pure sativa strain.  

Enjoy the high and let the good times roll! 

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